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Accounting and Taxation

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Microsoft Office (DOA)

6 Weeks
Modules: Computer Fundamentals, Windows,MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet

Advance Excel

3 Weeks
Main menus: Workbook management, Exceltable, Auto sum functions, Logical function (if),
Text functions, Date & time functions, V lookup,H lookup, Sum if, PMT, Filtering, sorting and
conditional formatting of data, Summarising,consolidating and outlining data, Validating data,
Pivot table reports and pivot chart reports, Whatifanalysis (data table, scenarios, goal seek),
Charts, Customize, Hyperlink, Working withgraphics (picture, word art and clipart).

Diploma in Data Entry

6 Weeks
Modules: Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, TypeTutor


Diploma in FinancialAccounting (DFA)

12 Weeks
Modules: Computer Fundamentals, MS-DOS,Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point,
Tally.ERP 9.0, Internet applications.


Tally.ERP 9.0

6 weeks
Course covers: Creating Final Accounts,Journals, Purchase Book, Sales Book, Cash
Book, Day Book, Stock Inventory, ManufacturingJournal, VAT, TDS, Service Tax,Payroll, Job
costing, Exice Duty, MODVAT.


Peach Tree

1 Month
Course covers: Company Features, Chart ofaccounts, Classifications, Informatioin setups,
Balance Settings, Inventory, Tax Settings, Jobcosting, Assembling, Pay roll & Chart Settings,
Finance charge Settings.

Quick Book

1 Month
Modules: Company Features, Ledger creation,Creating Voucher books, Inventory, Build Items,
Payroll, Listing of vouchers.



1 Month
Modules: Creating final Accounts, Journal,purchase & Sales book, Banking, Payroll
configuration, Job costing, Time sheet.

Diploma in ForeignFinancial Accounting(DFFA)

5 Months
Modules: MS Office, Tally.ERP 9.0, Peach Tree& Daceasy or MYOB or Quick Book.

Manual Accounting &Principles

2 Weeks
Modules: Basics of Accounting, Creating Journal,Ledgers Final Accounts & Preparing Vouchers.