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Laptop Servicing & WIFI Networking

3 Months
Course covers: Types of Laptops and Notebooks, Processors, Motherboard, chipsets, Bios, Display, Ports, Power adaptors, Installations, OS and Softwares, Configurations, Wifi installations, Assembling and Disassembling, Reparing, Trouble shootings.

Diploma in Hardware and Networking

2 Months
Hardware course covers: Micro processor, Mother board, Processor, Memory, Chipset, Socket, Busses, Ports, Drivers, Bios, SMPS, Monitor, Printers, Installations, OS and Softwares, Configurations, Assembling and Disassembling, Testing, Trouble shootings.


2 Months
Course covers: Network Basics, OSI Model, TCP/IP, Virtual LAN, Spanning Tree Protocol, RSTP, PVSTP, IPV4, IPV6, Subnetting, IP Rouring, EIGRP, OSPF, Access Control List, Network Address Translation, Port Address Translation, P2P Protocol, Frame Relay, PPP, ISDN, VTP, WAP, VPN.

MS Project

3 Weeks
Introduction, Tasks, WBS, Calendar Settings, Grant Chart, Milestones, Resources, Assigning of Resources Schedule of tasks base lines, Creating reports.


3 Weeks
Course covers; Project Management, Project Planning & Implementation, EPS- Enterprise Project Structure, OBS - Organizational Breakdown Structure, WBS- Work Breakdown Structure, Activities, Resources & Roles etc..

Electrical CAD

1 Month
Introduction, Project management, Schematic components, Symbol Builder, Circuit Builder, Component tools, Wire/ Wire number tools, Ladder tools, PLC, layout, Panel layout, Report generation


Module 1 (1 month): Basic Standard,Tools, Limits setting, Unit settings, Draw, Modify, 2D drawing, 2D drafting, Layer properties, PropertiesView, ModelingOrbit,Solid editing, UCS, Visual style, 3operation 3D drawings, rendering.
Module 2 (1 Month) 3ds max: Viewport controls, Primitives, Modify,Group, Text, Modifier, Editable Poly, Extrude, Bevel, Cut, Bridge,Outline, Editable Splines, Bo olean , Pro Boolean, Material, uvw map, Lighting, Sky light, Align, Array, mirror, Walk though, Animation and Rendering.

Revit Architecture

1 Month
Introduction, Views, Level Naming, Ground Level, Units, Plinth Level, Floor Levels, Browsing, 3D views, Camera Views, Basic shapes, Walls, Grids, Applying Materiels, Measuring, Applying measures, Rendering, Basics of Families & Sites, Scaling, Sheets.

Diploma in Computer

Application – DCA 6 Months
Module 1 :Computer Concepts & Fundamentals, Operating system, Windows, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point), Internet, Email & Networking Concepts.
Module 2: Financial Accounting, Tally GST
Module 3: Image processing thru Photoshop.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application - PGDCA

1 Year
Semester 1
Module 2
:Financial Accounting, Tally GST, Module 3: Image processing thru Photoshop.
Semester 2
Module 4
: Logic Development & C Programming OOPS concepts , C++ Programming, Internet Programming Java Programming (J2SE), Html, Java script,
Module 5: Visual Basic programming, Introduction to .Net frame work, Concepts of VB.Net

Masters Diploma in Computer Applications - MDCA

18 months
Semester 1, 2 of PGDCA course
Semester 3
Module 6
: Web Technologies & Services, Animate, Dreamweaver, Server Scripting, Asp.Net, OOAD, XL, GUI - based desktop applications and reports in C#, Networking Applications in C#, Web applications using ASP. Net, Web services in ASP.Net, Data base SQL Server.
Module 7: Knowledge skill program and run advanced Java Applicatons, Web Component Development with Services and JSP Technologies, Advanced Business Component Development with Services, JSP Technologies, Advanced Business Component Development with Enterprise Java Beans Techonogy, Integrate EJB and web Services, Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications.

Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering

8 months
Module 1: Programming Logics & Concepts, C Programming, Visual Basic Programming, Introduction to .Net Frame Work, Concepts of VB.Net, Database-SQL Server. Desktop application in C#, WPF, Database applications and reports in C#, Network applications in C#, Web applications using ASP.Net, WCF, LINQ, Silver Lights. Advanced Java applications, Java web applications, Web Component Development with Servlets and JSP Technologies, Advanced Business Component Development with JavaBeans Technology, EJB and Web Services, Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications.

Microsoft Office (DOA)

2 Months
Modules: Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet applications.

Diploma in Data Entry 6 Weeks
Modules: Windows, MS Word, MS Power- Point, Typing Tutor.

Advance Excel

1 Month
Main menus, Workbook management, Excel table, Auto sum functions, Logical function (if), Text functions, Date & time functions, V lookup, H lookup, Sum if, PMT, Filtering, sorting and conditional formatting of data, Summarising, consolidating and outlining data, Validating data, Pivot table reports and pivot chart reports, What-if analysis (data table, scenarios, goal seek), Charts, Customize, Hyperlink, Working with graphics (picture, word art and clipart).

Excel Macros

1 Month
Introduction to VBA Macro, Recordings Macro, working with VBA EditorVBA Programming Concept, Functions, ODBC Connectivity to SQL Database and Query Handling.

C Programing

1 Month
Course covers: Intro to C, Variables, Function, Arrays, Pointers, Library functions, Storage classes.

C ++

1 Month
Course covers: Classes &Object,Constructors and Destructors, Inheritance, Polimorphism, File Handling, Friend Function.

Visual Basic 6.0

1 Month
Course covers: Object in forms, Multiple forms interface, OLE features, ODBC, ActiveX Exe, ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Controls, ActiveX Document.


1 Month
Getting Acquainted with the SPSS program, Data into SPSS, Modifying & saving your statistics, Bivariate correlations, Merging & restructuring datasets, Merging data files, Restructuring datasets, Plotting in the vertical format

SQL Server

Course covers: SQL Server overview, Database Objects, Indexes, Data Co-relation, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, View, Constraints.

Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

3 Months
Modules covered: Windows, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC.

Diploma in Multimedia

4 Months
Modules covered: Adobe Photoshop CC, Corel Draw , Adobe InDesign CC, 3D Studio MAX.

3Ds max with V-Ray

2 Months
3ds max covered: Viewport controls, Primitives, Modify, Group, Text, Modifier, Editable Poly, Extrude, Bevel, Cut, Bridge, Outline, Editable Spines, Boolean, Pro Boolean, Material, uvw map, Lighting, Sky light, Align, array, mirror, walk though animation and rendering V-ray covered: Universal render set up, Material, lights, Sun light.

Adobe Photoshop CC

1 Month
Course covers: Canvas layout, Image color correction, Layer Effects, Converting B/W photo into color, Photo effects, Filters, 3D objects.

Adobe Animate CC

1 Month
Course covers: Motion & Classic Tweening, Shape Tweening, Gudie Animation, Buttons, Basic Action Scripting, Movie Clip, Sound, Masking.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

4 Weeks
Course covers: Using css, Div alignment, Floating, Text styles, font attachment, Background style, Navigation styles, submenus, Import video, import flash file, Responsive styles, form desigining create templates.

Adobe Illustrator CC

1 Month
Course covers: Adobe Illustrator offers you tools you need to get professional - quality result. Tool Box, Filters, Effects, Masking, Path, 3D Revolving and Extruding.

Html 5

1 Month
Course covers: Introduction, New Elements, Canvas, draw on the canvas with javascript, draw line, draw path,draw circle, draw text.. etc, Drag and Drop, Video & Audio, SVG, Form elements and attributes, geolocation S.S.E (server sent events) web storage, App cache, web workers.


1 Month
Jquery introduction, Manipulating Elements, JavaScript, jQuery ready Function, jQuery Selectors, Effects, jQuery and DOM, jQuery and Events, Event Model, jQuery and Ajax, Ajax introduction, jQuery Ajax Functions, jquery UI.

Diploma in Web Designing

4 Months
Modules Covered: This is a complete course oriented towards the designing of web pages, sites using various power full tools like HTML, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Animate- CC or Jquery, Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

Diploma In Web Animation And Graphics

5 Months
Course covers: Adobe Photoshop CC, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Animate or jquery, HTML, Bootstrap, Java script, Dreamweaver CC,

Advanced Diploma in Web Designing

6 Months
Modules Covered: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe- Animate or jquery, HTML ,Javascript, CSS3,

Web Engineering

8 Months
Course covers: HTML, Java script, Angular JS, Adobe Dreamweaver CC,CSS3, Bootstrap, jquary Adobe Photoshop CC, Project, Web Hosting.

Diploma in UI (User Interface)

3 Months
Modules covered: HTML 5, Javascript, CSS3, Jquery, Bootstrap, AngularJS.

Google Skechup

1 Month
Views, Navigation, Basic 2d/3d tools, Draw Plans, Elevations & Sections, Advancedtools, Presenting using Sketchup, Measurement guides & groups, Settings, Importing exporting, Sketchup & V-ray


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