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Diploma in Data Entry

6 Weeks
Modules: Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Type Tutor


1 Month
Course covers: Intro to C, Variables, Function, Arrays, Pointers, Library functions, Storage classes

C ++

1 Month
Course covers: Classes & Object,Constructors and Destructors, Inheritance, Polimorphism, File Handling, Friend Function.

Visual Basic 6.0

1 Month
Course covers: Object in forms, Multiple forms interface, OLE features, ODBC, ActiveX Exe, ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Controls, ActiveX Document.

Oracle 10g

1 Month
Course covers: SQL, SQL Plus, Database Objects.

SQL Server

4 Weeks
Course covers: SQL Server overview, Database Objects, Indexes, Data Co-relation, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, View, Constraints.

HTML and JavScript

1 Month
Html covers: Introduction, formatting tags, Line and line break, Attributes, Images, Links, Marquee, List, Blocks, Tables, Form elements, Frames
Java Script covers: Introduction, Basics, Variables, Operators, Conditional statements, Switch, Loop, Objects, Page design, Validation

Microsoft Office (DOA)

6 Weeks
Modules: Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet applications.

Advance Excel

3 Weeks
Main menus: Workbook management, Excel table, Auto sum functions, Logical function (if), Text functions, Date & time functions, V lookup, H lookup, Sum if, PMT, Filtering, sorting and conditional formatting of data, Summarising, consolidating and outlining data, Validating data, Pivot table reports and pivot chart reports, What-if analysis (data table, scenarios, goal seek), Charts, Customize, Hyperlink, Working with graphics (picture, word art and clipart).


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